Fund Number: 141
Year Founded: 1997
Type of Fund: Endowment Fund, Scholarship

Maggie Grounds Memorial Scholarship Fund  

Purpose: For a female high school senior entering the field of architecture, contracting/building engineering, traditional drafting, architectural computer-aided design or another very closely-related field of study.

History: In 1997, the Maggie Grounds Scholarship was established to help ensure that the young women of Morgan County had the opportunity to obtain a degree in a field of architecture, contracture/building, engineering, traditional drafting, architecture computer aided design or another very closely-related study. Maggie Grounds is a former resident of Morgan County. She is retired after 55 years of work as an architect, then in WWII aerospace, and finally at Russell Stover. Maggie went to Purdue University and attended at least some part of the Indy 500 sixty-eight times. She has traveled to many countries and she enjoys correspondence with several former recipients.


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