Fund Number: 179
Year Founded: 2015
Type of Fund: Non-Permanent Fund





Stability First Fund  

Purpose: Stability First is an organization established to constructively and comprehensively address multiple issues and steps associated with the alleviation of poverty, including, but not limited to transitional housing and other services geared toward assisting low income families to increase their financial stability and enhance their self-sufficiency.

Stability First has adopted as its initial mission three very concrete and critical initiatives to address particularly glaring and widespread needs, namely:

  1. The Pike Street Bridge project to provide men with safe transitional housing, helping them to get established and enabling them to obtain sustainable housing upon exiting the program;
  2. The Lynay Center initiative to provide services such as job and financial coaching, and other planning, career and life resources to bring stability into the lives of those in financial need; and,
  3. The Magdalene House project to provide women who do not qualify or meet the criteria set by other local services and shelters access to a safe and supportive living environment.

Although the board of directors of Stability First regards these initiatives and projects as both central to and consistent with the broader "Bridges Out of Poverty" program, and as the most critical first steps in Stability First's mission in Morgan County, the Stability First organization will stand ready to undertake additional initiatives at such time as its initial, three points of outreach and assistance are in place and functioning successfully.

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