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Fund Number: 194
Year Founded: 2016
Type of Fund: Non-Permanent
                         Pass-Through Fund

Twitter: @ProjectKindnessInc


Project Kindness Fund  

Purpose: Funds raised will be used to support charitable activities associated with the organization’s mission:

Project Kindness, Inc. is a charitable organization primarily dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to give back to their communities, practice kindness and share their time and talents to help those who need it most.

It is our belief that by connecting families and engaging children in volunteer opportunities, we not only instill philanthropic values that will extend into the next generation and beyond, but also establish a legacy of kindness.

For more information please visit Project Kindness' Website.





Project Kindness - Why Not
"Why Not Today" Farm to Stock
Harvesting potatoes for local pantries


Project Kindness - Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Placemats

Project Kindness Mision

Wheeler Mission Care PackagesSave