Fund Number: 415
Year Founded: 2012
Type of Fund: Non-Permanent Fund

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Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates Fund  

Announcing the Creation of the ILEAA

The Community Foundation of Morgan County announces an agreement between the Foundation and the newly created Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates (ILEAA).  The ILEAA is an alumni-style organization created primarily to support training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) through contributions and equipment purchases.  Membership in the ILEAA is offered to those who have graduated from one of the Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) approved basic training academies. 

History, Creation and Function of the ILEAA:

The possibility of creating an alumni association was first discussed in earnest in 2010, but the concept had been considered decades earlier.  After two years of deep budget cuts, much of the training equipment at ILEA was in serious disrepair.  A method for replacing some of this equipment outside of the normal budget process was badly needed.  It was at that time that several ILEA staff members began investigating how an alumni association could help.

During the early discussions, the possibility of an association which was directly attached to the Academy was investigated.  It was later determined that a better approach might be to create a totally independent association with the core purposes of supporting the basic training function, purchasing equipment and providing instructor training.  From there, the concept expanded to include graduates from the other LETB basic training academies and to include purchasing equipment for these other academies under certain conditions.

Finally, by its signing ceremony on November 1, 2012, the ILEAA had had its bylaws modified to allow membership for a small group of supporting individuals and businesses and to partner with a not-for-profit community foundation.  The Community Foundation of Morgan County was ultimately chosen. 

Future Direction:

An Annual Meeting and conference is tentatively planned for April, 2013.  The membership will be able to elect officers and directors at this Annual Meeting and to plan future projects and directions for the Association.  This will truly be a “ground floor” meeting.  Besides the stated purpose in the bylaws of supporting the ILEA function, the way in which this is accomplished is very much open for discussion.  The Association could potentially sponsor fund raising enterprises, hold social events, sell memorabilia, or employ any of a number of other approaches.  With the ILEAA partnering with the Community Foundation of Morgan County, most contributions will immediately be tax deductible including the $25.00 membership fee. 

The ILEAA is specifically designed to be controlled by its voting membership.  Here is an opportunity for new members to have a substantial influence on the direction of the Association.  The temporary officers appointed by the Founding Members at their first meeting are:


Dr. David W. Wantz, President
Mr. Charles Burch, Vice-president
Mrs. Judi Cooper, Secretary
Captain Scott Hamilton, Treasurer

All four of these offices will be up for election at the first Annual Meeting as will be all of the Board of Directors’ positions.  No Board positions are presently filled.  The ILEAA officers invite all interested LETB basic course graduates to join the ILEAA to show their support for what the ILEA attempts to accomplish during every basic training session.


The ILEAA is designed to represent a wide range of graduates and academies.  Although the Association will be focused primarily on supporting the ILEA initially, one position on the Board of Directors is available to a graduate of each of the seven (7) basic training academies (ILEA, ISP, IMPD, NILEA, SWILEA, IU and Fort Wayne).

The Executive Committee, which will run the Association on a day-to-day basis, is made up of the four officers and the Board of Directors. 

Partnering with a Charitable Foundation:

Besides the obvious benefit of receiving tax breaks when working with a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, the ILEAA’s association with the Community Foundation of Morgan County provides a number of additional benefits. 

In particular, this webpage is hosted on the Foundation’s website as is the on-line membership application software.  The Foundation will also handle many of the administrative duties for the ILEAA including maintaining membership records, providing audits, filing tax forms and generating financial reports.  Foundations are also beneficial, as most know, for soliciting donations and establishing endowment funds.

The ILEAA is pleased to have the Community Foundation of Morgan County as its fiscal sponsor.

If you value your academy experience and would like to support future academy improvements, send your membership application to the Community Foundation of Morgan County by downloading the application below and mailing a hardcopy to:

ILEAA c/o CFMC, 56 N. Main Street, Martinsville, IN  46151

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