Fund Number: 415
Year Founded: 2012
Type of Fund: Non-Permanent Fund

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Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates Fund  

History, Creation and Function of the ILEAA:

Over the years, there have been many discussions about the need for an alumni-style organization for Indiana’s police academies.  This was again discussed in earnest in 2010 after two years of deep budget cuts due to the 2008 recession.  Much of the training equipment at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) was in serious disrepair by this time.  A method for replacing some of this equipment outside of the normal budgeting process was badly needed.  It was at that time that several ILEA staff members began investigating how an alumni association could help.

During those early discussions, the possibility of creating an association which was directly attached to the Academy was investigated.  It was later determined that a better approach might be to create a totally independent association with the core purposes of supporting the basic training function, purchasing equipment and providing instructor support.  From there, the concept expanded to include graduates from the other Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) basic training academies and to include purchasing equipment for these other academies as well.

Finally, by the signing ceremony on November 1, 2012, the ILEAA had had its bylaws modified to allow membership by supporting individuals and businesses and to partner with a not-for-profit community foundation.  The Community Foundation of Morgan County (CFMC) was ultimately chosen.  

Partnering with the CFMC:

After researching several foundations, the ILEAA decided to partner with the CFMC because of its track record and its convenient locations in Mooresville and Martinsville.  Besides the obvious benefit of receiving tax breaks when working with a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, the ILEAA’s association with the Community Foundation of Morgan County provides a number of additional benefits.

Among these benefits is this webpage which is hosted on the Foundation’s website at no cost to the ILEAA.  The Foundation also handles much of the administrative paperwork for the ILEAA including filing annual reports with the Secretary of State, providing audits, filing tax forms and generating financial reports.  The ILEAA is pleased to have the Community Foundation of Morgan County as its fiscal sponsor.


The ILEAA is designed to represent a wide range of graduates and academies.  Besides the officers, the ILEAA also has a Board of Directors, elected by the general membership, with one director representing each of the seven LETB certified academies (ILEA, ISP, IMPD, NILEA, SWILEA, IU and Fort Wayne).  The directors and officers make up the Executive Committee which runs most of the day-to-day activities of the Association.  


Mr. Charles N. Braun II, President
Dr. David W. Wantz, Vice-president
Cathi Collins, Secretary
Darlene Heald, Treasurer

All four of these officers are elected at the Annual Meeting. Several other Regular and Special meetings are also possible during the year as well as Executive Committee meetings.

Current and Future Plans:

In 2015, the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy received a plaque from the Association that will be displayed in the ILEA’s main hallway that honors all of the major donors to ILEAA.  Donations can be made in a lump sum by the public and charitable organizations or through a payroll deduction for certain employees of the state.  Donations made through the CFMC are tax deductible.

The Association also initiated the Commemorative Brick Project in 2015 in which donors could have a paving brick engraved with a name.  This brick would then be displayed near the front entrance of the ILEA building.

The Association has already purchased two commercial grade printers for the ILEA computer lab and is very close to finalizing the placement of a Fallen Officer Memorial monument near the front entrance of the Academy.


Professions all need to be self-governing and self-sufficient to a degree.  This requires those practitioners within the professions to contribute back to their profession.  Because of obligations to family and elsewhere, many police officers cannot volunteer much time outside of their jobs to the profession.  A contribution to ILEAA enables these professionals to give back to their chosen calling so that others doing this work can be more productive.  

Likewise, citizens and organizations not directly affiliated with law enforcement often recognize the service law enforcement provides.  These individuals and organizations can show their support for the law enforcement community through their donations to the ILEAA.

If you value your profession or your academy experience, or if you wish to support law enforcement’s efforts to improve professionalism and training, send your membership application or donation to:

Post Office Box 115
Plainfield, IN  46168

Commemorative Brick Project  

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Associates (ILEAA) recently announced its Commemorative Brick Project which will recognize donors and officers, past and present, in the law enforcement services. A portion of the brick sales will then be dedicated to helping support Academy training functions and purchasing Academy equipment.

These bricks will be sold for $50.00 and will be engraved with these names and displayed by the front entrance of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Click the link below for an application.

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