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  • F, July 15, 2016:
    Applications Open
  • M, August 15, 5:00pm:
    Grant Seminar
    Mooresville Public Library
  • M, August 15, 7:00pm:
    Grant Seminar
    CFMC Office
  • TH, September 15:
    Applications Due
  • TH, October 15:
    Grants awards announced
  • TH, November 3:
    Grants awarded at the
    Philanthropy Awards Dinner
  • SA, July 15, 2016:
    Final Reports Due

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2016 CFMC Grants Open July 15, 2016

Through competitive grants, we strive to partner with strong community organizations and help leverage resources to create lasting impact. The foundation aims to support creative approaches to community needs by providing grants which will benefit a wide range of people. 

  • Impact Grants provide funding for innovative projects that bring transformative solutions to our community‚Äôs most pressing needs. These grants are typically more than $10,000 each and are awarded through an annual application process. Ten local non-profits were chosen as recipients in 2016, the inaugural year for the Impact Grant program.
  • Capacity Grants help organizations become more efficient and effective. This includes equipment, technology, training costs, and capital expenditures that provide for growing needs. These grants are less than $2,000 and available on a monthly basis.

Since 1998, CFMC has awarded more than $734,000 in local grants to impact tens of thousands of Morgan County residents. In 2016 alone, an estimated 3,470 people and 830 families benefitted from the work of CFMC Grantees.

The Community Foundation funds high-performing organizations that can show a return on the investment. Grant applications are evaluated on a number of factors:

Project Structure

  • Is the request unique from other existing services or opportunities in Morgan County?
  • Can the organization sustain the program into the future, when applicable?

Project Impact

  • Is there a clearly stated impact of the request? Is it feasible?
  • Is the request proactive in addressing solutions to problems, rather than symptoms?

Financial Sustainability

  • Is the organization fiscally responsible?
  • Can the organization obtain any additional funding needed?


  • Are project leaders qualified and experienced enough to produce a quality result?
  • Does the organization collaborate and cooperate with other community institutions?

The CFMC Impact Grants application period began on August 15th, and applications were due September 15th, 2016. The grant cycle runs from October 15, 2016 through July 15, 2017, during which time the organizations implement their projects.

To learn more please read the news release.

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