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The 2014 Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. Annual Report is now available online. Additional copies are available in the CFMC office.

    You can learn a great deal about the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. through our annual reports. Each annual report provides a year's information on grant and scholarship recipients, donors, funds, and financial information. These reports also include extra information such as letters from the president of the board of directors and our executive director.

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   The annual report featured excerpts of the 2013 CFMC financial statements.  Financial Statements may be downloaded from the Public Inspection Documents page.

   Past annual reports are also available for download below.

Download Annual Reports  
 TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
CFMC Annual Report 2004 Community FoundationPDF (1.21 MB)10/30/2013 1,214.82 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2005 Community FoundationPDF (385 KB)10/30/2013 385.80 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2006 Community FoundationPDF (168 KB)10/30/2013 168.13 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2007 Community FoundationPDF (697 KB)10/30/2013 697.44 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2008 Community FoundationPDF (2.38 MB)10/30/2013 2,386.36 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2009 Community FoundationPDF (2.64 MB)10/30/2013 2,645.72 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2010 Community FoundationPDF (10.99 MB)10/30/2013 10,994.88 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2011 Community FoundationPDF (343 KB)10/30/2013 343.29 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2012 Community FoundationPDF (6.22 MB)10/30/2013 6,221.45 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2013 Community FoundationPDF9/4/2015 1,055.16 Download
CFMC Annual Report 2014 Community FoundationPDF9/4/2015 13,252.11 Download
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