How to Contribute  

   “You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” – John Wooden, College Basketball Coach and Martinsville High School graduate

   Hundreds of area residents consider the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. as their partner in philanthropy.  Whether they feel passionately about the education, health and social services, the environment, and the arts…and the list goes on and on…they can stretch their donor dollars by partnering with the Foundation.

   Because funds are professionally managed and monitored, they yield steady earnings that will continue to enhance the community for years to come.  Gifts can create new funds or add to established funds that address needs, support interests, provide encouragement for new ideas and ensure resources for proven programs.  These gifts can take a variety of forms: cash, securities, closely held stock, mutual funds, real estate or insurance policies.  Donors can be very specific about how their gifts will be used or they can entrust Foundation leaders to determine where and when a grant will have ultimate impact.  Persons interested in including the Foundation in their estate plans can explore that option with their personal attorney or with our legal advisor.

   Another way you can invest in our quality of life in Morgan County is to donate to one of our four charitable funds listed below.  The Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. established these funds to support the foundation’s general operations and to address changing needs throughout Morgan County now and in the future.
Evergreen Fund: This general fund supports the daily operations of the foundation.
Evergreen Endowment: This fund provides permanent support of our operations.
CommonWealth Fund: Through our grant making program, this unrestricted endowment Fund addresses needs in Morgan County.
Legacy Fund This endowment receives honorary, tribute, and memorial gifts.

   Contact us
to make a donation or if you need additional information about the charitable giving options available through the foundation.