Leave a Legacy  

“We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
― David Brower, Environmentalist

How to leave a bequest to the Community Foundation of Morgan County 

   The easiest way to leave a legacy to benefit Morgan County is a charitable bequest. A charitable bequest can be incorporated into a person’s will or living trust, regardless of a person’s financial means. The
Charitable Gift Chart provides you with the necessary legal language to accomplish your own personal charitable intentions.

   One very important point to remember is that you must use the full legal name of the charity in your bequest language.  For example, a bequest to the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. should contain the following words, “I leave the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. …”  Otherwise, your bequest could be directed to some other community foundation in another locale.

   Although it is not necessary to notify the charity about your charitable bequest, one in three donors chooses to do so, according to a report from the
Partnership for Philanthropic Planning. One important benefit of informing the charitable organization of your plans is such notification brings you into closer contact with the charity’s work and future vision, as well as its professional staff and board. Many organizations, such as the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc., appreciate the opportunity to thank bequest donors during their lifetimes and often invite those donors as guests to special events.

   Charitable bequests for our community will leave an enduring legacy for future generations in Morgan County. To quote Theodore Roosevelt, “What we do for our community lives long after we are gone.”

   For more information about charitable bequests, contact your legal advisor or Director of Development, Ed Kominowski, via e-mail at ekominowski, by phone at (765) 813-0003, or toll-free at (855) 280-3095.