Our History  

   The Kendrick Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2001 as a vehicle to assist health-related programs benefiting residents of Morgan County.  

   Formed from the proceeds of the sale of Kendrick Memorial Hospital, the Kendrick Foundation, Inc. reflects the long service of the hospital to the health of the community.  It has become an extension of the life work of Dr. William Kendrick, and all who preceded him in the 100 years of service given at Kendrick Memorial Hospital.

   In 2001 when the Kendrick Foundation, Inc. began, it acted as a supporting organization of the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. 

   Kendrick Foundation, Inc. became a private foundation in 2007. However, it maintains a close relationship with the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. and both foundations continue to desire to care for our neighbors and provide leadership to improve our community. Because Kendrick Foundation, Inc. has no staff of its own, the Community Foundation of Morgan County, Inc. staff also share the responsibilities of the Kendrick Foundation, Inc.  The main office for the Kendrick Foundation is at 11 West Main St. Kendrick business is also conducted from the main office of the Community Foundation at 56 N. Main St. in Martinsville. 

   With assets over $29 million, the Kendrick Foundation, Inc. provides grant and scholarship funds to medical and health programs, support to community healthcare outreach programs, financial support to hospice programs, healthcare education and financial support to programs for the medically indigent.

   Kendrick Foundation, Inc. is governed by a six member board of directors who are responsible for the investments, grants and scholarships.